Considering Buying or Selling a Luxury Home in Fishers?

Call the Luxury Expert in Fishers Real Estate!

Luxury real estate is a niche that requires experience, agent, client, and contractor networks, and a team focused on providing local, national, and international exposure. Specialization also plays a significant role in selling and buying a home at the right price in a particular area. You will be in capable hands with Allen and Berkshire Hathaway guiding you through the real estate journey. Not only has Allen sold homes in just about any luxury neighborhood you drive past in Fishers and Geist, but he’s also trained and certified to sell luxury real estate through Berkshire Hathaway’s Luxury Collection division.

Allen Specializes in Fishers Real Estate.

The #1 Real Estate Team in Fishers for 2022! Allen’s team has career sales in Fishers/Geist of over $1.5 billion, helping over 5,400 families. Allen lives in Fishers, has been a resident for over two decades, and knows his city better than most. While most agents have one generic website that advertises homes in Central Indiana, Allen owns seven just for Fishers’ real estate! His Berkshire Hathaway office is also in Fishers, conveniently located within 5 minutes of two I-69 exits. Need more proof of his Fishers’ expertise? Call (317) FISHERS, and you will reach him. Who better to help you buy or sell a home in Fishers than the team with the most experience, the best service, and top results?

Experience You Can Count On.

Allen offers 29 YEARS OF MARKET EXPERIENCE and has sold homes in most of the luxury neighborhoods you drive by in Fishers and Geist. He has been through the highs and lows of real estate and has proven to be a stable, reliable resource for his clients. His team has sold over $2.5 billion in Central Indiana real estate and has served 8,500 families. Whether there are inspection, appraisal, floor plan, decorating, or homesite challenges, Allen has been battle tested and holds the playbook for success. He brings the experience, results, and service you need and deserve to make your next purchase or sale unforgettable. Through decades of housing cycles, his clients have enjoyed honest steadfast representation. 2022 was a busy year for Allen’s team, ranking #2 in Indiana for most real estate sold, with sales of $120 million.

Luxury Marketing and Ultimate Exposure.

Allen and Berkshire Hathaway offer something few other agents can, an in-house marketing team. It’s good that his team has them, too, because they need the support with twenty real estate websites (seven just in Fishers), print marketing, social media content, and local, national, and international online exposure! By using the best photographers in the business, creating exciting and compelling property descriptions, and giving his listings more exposure than anyone in the industry, Allen’s marketing system produces results few can match. His clients’ homes stand out and above the competition.